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Nominations called for lifetime achievement award

The AJE executive committee is calling for nominations for the AJE Lifetime Achievement Award. Previous recipients of the Award have included Richard Keeble who is professor of journalism at University of Lincoln.

The AJE may, no more than once each year, endow a single lifetime achievement award to a retired or retiring member who has demonstrated long and distinguished service to journalism education in the UK or Ireland.

Such a person should be a member in good standing of unblemished reputation. They should be nominated by at least two institutional members.

The nomination will be considered by the AJE executive committee who may agree to support the nomination if the member:

  • Is in good standing in the AJE;
  • Is of unblemished professional reputation;
  • Is either retired from full-time work or is due to retire before the next AJE annual meeting;
  • Has an outstanding and distinguished record in journalism education either through teaching, research, authorship or general service to journalism education.

The person nominated will be presented with the award at the annual meeting following their nomination.

Nominations should be sent to assjrned@gmail.com