A free open-access teaching resource that helps prepare your journalism students to deal with online abuse

Leeds Trinity University MA Journalism programme leader Jenny Kean and Yorkshire Evening Post senior reporter Abbey Maclure have been developing their research paper on online abuse that was published in the AJE journal.

They have created a teaching resource to help prepare journalism students on how to protect themselves and be resilient in the face of the increasing threat of online attacks.

The pair have published a series of short, animated videos (all under 2 minutes long) that are available for all journalism tutors to use in their teaching.

There are five in total, four of which sum up the advice and tips they got from their interviews with industry professionals, and a fifth video that gives a bit more context around their research. The videos are available in their social media channels but have also been collated below for members:

Online abuse against journalists – an introduction

Video 1: Three golden rules

Video 2: Steps to help protect yourself and others

Video 3: Online abuse against journalists – when to respond, mute, block, report

Video 4: Online abuse against journalists – reaching out for help

Jenny and Abbey have also designed a poster that’s available to all journalism university newsrooms – if you’d like one, please contact Jenny on