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Data journalism for lecturers: Book your place on this CIJ training course

The Centre for Investigative Journalism is teaming up with Nottingham Trent University to offer a two-day data journalism workshop aimed at up-skilling HE lecturers.

From breaking news to finding regular story leads to in-depth investigations like The Panama Papers, Data Journalism is fast becoming essential.

If you recognise the need to provide this for your students but are struggling to find the time and resources to up-skill your teaching staff and fit it into already over-flowing curricula, then this course is for you. Make sure your graduates don’t miss out.

This training is only available to lecturers or other academic staff within media or journalism departments at universities.

The course will run on July 22 and 23.

For more information or to book your place contact:

Tom Sanderson: tom@tcij.org

Why do this course?

Data journalism is increasingly a must-have skill for those entering the competitive media job market. Employers whether in local, regional, national and international newsrooms all now recognise the benefits of sound data skills in their cub reporters.

From streamlining and improving research and fact-checking work, to opening up whole new areas for investigation that were previously unavailable, data journalism skills are hugely important in today’s digital media landscape.

Student recruitment, retention and employment statistics can all be boosted by including this skillset in your provision and those journalism courses that lack training in this area are likely to be left further and further behind.

The Centre for Investigative Journalism is teaming up with Nottingham Trent University to provide expert, up-to-date and affordable training in the core skills necessary for lecturers who understand the need to incorporate data skills in their journalism provision.

Over the course of two days your teaching staff can learn the essentials of journalistic data work, giving them the capacity needed to not only understand the techniques, but to pass them on to their students.

We’ll cover the basics of sourcing, analysing and presenting data, so you can get to grips with the skills you’ll be teaching and identify how they fit into journalistic workflows and then offer guidance for building this into your existing provision whether that’s in a new module or integrated into existing course structures.

We’ll also provide some best practice examples of using blended learning techniques to ensure your data journalism teaching has the greatest impact for your students.

Taught by Jonathan Stoneman, freelance data journalism trainer and former Head of Training at the BBC World Service, this course builds on the Centre for Investigative Journalism’s years of history in training journalists to leverage the power of data analysis.

We’ve been teaching these skills and techniques since before ‘data journalism’ was a recognised term and have encountered every possible pitfall and challenge in the transfer of this particular knowledge.

All our training contains hands-on practical exercises to give you a deeper understanding of the skills and how to use them.


How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Please contact tom@tcij.org for more information

Is this training open to anyone?

This course is for lecturers or other academic staff within media or journalism departments at universities only.

What does it cost?

£200. Which does not include accommodation or food.