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Call for Papers: AJE 2021 Summer Conference – Post-Truth, Post-Trump and Trust

Call for Papers: Journalism Education: Post-Truth, Post-Trump and Trust

Association for Journalism Education Annual Summer Conference

June 25, 2021 – online


Journalism and journalists have suffered sustained attacks at the hands of populist leaders who have used lies and distortions to advance their causes – and in the process sought to discredit those who are trying to provide accurate and truthful information. 

This is exemplified by an account from veteran US reporter Lesley Stahl who recounted an exchange with Donald Trump immediately after his 2016 victory. Before a recorded interview for the CBS News 60 Minutes programme he started to attack the press. She said he’d won and asked why he kept hammering at this. He said: ‘I do it to discredit you all and demean you all so that when you write negative stories about me no-one will believe you.’ 

President Trump told Lesley Stahl he bashes press ‘to demean you and discredit you so … no one will believe’ negative stories about him

Four years on, following the onset of a pandemic and Donald Trump’s defeat, another incumbent is in the White House and the president’s relationship with the media has been reset. But many media organisations – particularly local media – have been further diminished by the loss of readers / advertisers and revenue during the pandemic and many people now place their faith in news sources which have been shown to deliver misinformation. One consequence of this is the reluctance by many to be vaccinated against Covid-19. 

This one-day interactive Association for Journalism Education 2021 Annual Summer Conference aims to capture the range of responses by journalism educators to the challenges relating to trust in journalism within our communities.  

The format of the day will feature academic papers and discussion sessions to highlight areas of developing practice and areas for future research. 

Areas which might be addressed include, but are not limited to educational approaches to:

·      Local media and local democracy

·      Social justice 

·      Community radio as a trusted source 

·      Grassroots media and marginalised voices

·      Reclaiming the local – radio, TV, print, online

·      Alternative local and community media 

·      Building relationships with audiences 

·      Community development and collaboration 

·      Opportunities for students 

·      Ethics and regulation 

·      Local media and ethical business models

Paper abstracts will be peer-reviewed. Please send an abstract of no more than 300 words and a cover sheet with a brief biographical note, your institutional affiliation (where relevant) and your contact details (including your email address). Abstracts should be sent to:

Please address any queries to the same address in the first instance.

Closing date for proposals: April 9, 2021.