AJE Summer Conference: Call for Papers – The future of journalism education in an age of growing authoritarianism

Edinburgh Napier University, June 29 & 30, 2023

The future of journalism education in an age of growing authoritarianism

The AJE Annual Conference 2023 will seek to address issues around how journalism and news thrives, or survives, in a more authoritarian world where issues around freedom of the press and freedom of speech are challenged and are challenging.

Journalism educators need to look at sustainable models that enable us to successfully create curriculum within challenged academic, professional, economic, social and cultural frames. Furthermore, we need to consider issues around sustainability, decolonization of curriculum, use of AI as both a pedagogical tool and in the creation of journalism, and address equality, diversity and inclusion.

As such the AJE is calling for papers around the theme which will cover such topics as:

Designing sustainable curriculum for the future: what can we do now to ensure our students are prepared for the challenges and opportunities in the future? How does the curriculum position the role of journalism today and in the future? Preparing students for a changing world of work and the changing public sphere and expectations of news consumers.

Opportunities and challenges for journalism educators: In what way do journalism educators teach and research in a changing world where knowledge and practice are crucial? In what way do we create learning environments that reflect the myriad of issues around freedom of speech, expression and the press? In what way is journalism education challenged by issues around freedom of expression within academic environments? How do we prepare journalism graduates for precarious work environments where the focus can be on creating content that generates traffic rather than meaningfully engaging with audiences around important social, political and cultural issues?

Journalism education in a global context: What best practice is emerging for learning and teaching where cohorts of journalism students are made up of individuals from different countries, cultures and traditions?   What challenges, and opportunities, are there within different cultures for teaching journalism in new ways? Preparing students to work across borders and adopting cross-border pedagogies.

Research in journalism education: methodological approaches to researching journalism and journalism education; new pedagogies in journalism education.

This list is not exclusive, and we will consider any paper on the general theme.

Please send a 250-word proposal/abstract by April 7, 2023 at 4.30pm, clearly marked AJE 2023 ABSTRACT, to: assjrned@gmail.com (attach as document with your name).