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AJE statement on Black Lives Matter

The Association for Journalism Education Committee (AJE), as a professional organisation that represents journalism educators across the UK, stands firmly against racism and in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement. 

We are committed to inclusivity and recognise the urgent need for change. 

We acknowledge that more work needs to be done to ensure a greater level of equality of opportunity for Black and ethnic minority students and academics in journalism education.

Collectively, and individually, we accept the magnitude of the change required and acknowledge this will as disruptive as it will be challenging. We need to demand it nevertheless.

We support equality of representation and opportunity in all areas of teaching, learning and research.  

It is imperative we demand this of our institutions and ourselves in all aspects of curriculum development and practice. 

As journalism educators we have a powerful opportunity to effect change and shape the future both of the academy and the news media.

We commit ourselves to an inclusive journalism education for all journalism students that takes a decolonising and more diverse approach by becoming better informed ourselves of structural inequalities across the academy and by demanding change.