Press Ethics and Media Freedom: One Day Symposium – register here

This one-day multi-disciplinary (in-person) symposium seeks to explore the changing ethical and regulatory parameters of journalistic practice and its relationship with the concept of media freedom.

We’ve invited contributions from across disciplinary areas in order to challenge conventional perspectives pertaining to press freedom and its entanglement with contemporary media and civil contexts and problems.

Papers were welcomed on the broad theme of the symposium, though topics of particular interest to the conference organisers include:

  • Participatory approaches to normative media ethics
  • Comparative media regulation and law
  • Ethics and the Practice of Journalism
  • Media literacy and ethics
  • Interdisciplinary perspectives on media ethics
  • Ethics and media policy
  • Populism and new media ethics
  • Cross cultural and/or cross-national studies on media ethics
  • Ethics in Local/Regional journalism
  • Civic journalism ethics
  • Public Deliberation and normative ethics in journalism
  • Professional identity and the ethical role of the journalist

The symposium will also present findings from a UKRI funded project entitled ‘Defining Freedom of the Press’ which is a multidisciplinary project exploring press ethics and regulation across a number of European countries and the UK.

This project examines journalist, regulator and non-journalist stakeholders’ perspectives on press ethics and regulation. We are particularly keen to receive proposals for papers from PGR students and from community-based organisations with an interest in press ethics and journalism.

In addition, the symposium will also host an exhibition on the topic of ‘freedom of the press’ at the St. Bride Foundation in London

A selection of papers given at the symposium will be invited to submit to a proposed special edited collection of papers to be published by Intellect.

Participation and attendance at the conference and exhibition will be free but guests are asked to register here.