AJE Updates

Help us update our membership records

Is your university still a member of the AJE? You can check now on the website.

The AJE committee has been diligently attempting to contact universities with lapsed membership over the past six months.

In many cases we are aware that our records are some years out of date and the members of staff responsible for renewing the membership have long since moved on.

  • You can check to see if your university has a current membership here.
  • If you think your university should be on the list of current members then please contact ustheajeuk@gmail.com with details of whom we should invoice. These will be passed on to the Treasurer.
  • You can join us as an individual member if your university is not listed or you work outside HE.
  • If you work for a member institution and are not receiving our email newsletter, please contact us. This often applies to new members of staff.

Read about all the benefits of being an AJE member including access to some great conferences.