Watch our 2020 Annual Conference and AGM here

AJE Annual Conference & AGM 2020

Engaged, collaborative, shared: How should we prepare students for a very different kind of journalism?

We were delighted to share with you some of the research papers presented by AJE members whose work was accepted for the June 2020 AJE Annual Conference, on the above theme, which we were unable to stage.

On December 4 these colleagues presented their work to you which you can watch in the video above:

Lily Canter and Emma Wilkinson (Sheffield Hallam University)

Podcasting as a multifaceted teaching and learning tool: Enhancing students’ employability skills via production and content

Myra Evans, University of the West of England

New pedagogical models of learning: Preparing students to enter the newsroom through immersion into a Community of Practice teaching model.

Jenny Kean and Abbey Maclure, Leeds Trinity University

“A modern-day equivalent of the Wild West”: preparing journalism students to be safe online

Beth Wood and Ivana Ebel, Derby University

Engaging Post-Millennials: the impact of new digital ecosystems on news values and journalistic consumption for the next generations

AJE AGM 2020

A recording of our 2020 AGM is included at the end of the vidoe.