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Watch our UNESCO-WJEC-AJE roundtable – Reporting the climate crisis: Reflections following COP26

November 26, 2021 1pm-3.30pm (via Zoom)

Journalism’s civic responsibility to the peoples of the world is to report accurately, truthfully and knowledgeably about the threat of climate change to our environment, it is incumbent therefore on journalism educators that we enable the journalists of the future to be prepared for this challenge. 

This UNESCO/WJEC sponsored round table organised by AJE UK will explore key issues in reporting climate change, it will look at how climate change science is effectively communicated through the news media and how it is taught within the academy; it will examine the range of economic, social and cultural issues inherent in reporting climate change; it will require journalism educators to examine the interdisciplinary nature of teaching and expertise drawn from across universities to provide curriculum that equips students with knowledge and understanding of the issue that is embedded into learning, teaching and assessment.