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Trust in Journalism Conference back after successful first year

The Trust in Journalism Conference is a one-day event about what the future of independent news looks like, how the sector is innovating for the future, and what it needs in order to thrive.

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It is also a celebration of the most creative, brave and independent journalism projects currently out there.​

Following a successful inaugural event in 2018, the Trust in Journalism Conference returns to London in November 2019.

This year’s theme is ‘The World of Independent Publishing’.

Its programme is designed to address some of the key issues around the independent publishing sector today, including how the audience has been transformed and is taking on an increasingly active role, trust becoming a central part of the equation, and how independent journalism can support democratic engagement. ​

The stage of the Trust in Journalism Conference 2019 will feature the journalists and industry leaders working on some of today’s most exciting independent news initiatives in the UK, Europe and America.

It is also a unique opportunity to meet and interact with an engaged audience. Our delegates all work in the industry be it running their own news organisations in the UK or abroad, being leaders on the research and study of the sector, or occupying key roles in platforms, industry bodies and networks.

Join the Trust in Journalism Conference 2019 for a truly different conference experience, as trust and independence bring a vibrant, innovative and engaged sector together.

Confirmed speakers so far: Polly Curtis (Tortoise), Megan Lucero (Bureau Local), Stephen Khan (The Conversation), Mar Cabra (Panama Papers), Olaf Steenfadt (Reporters Without Borders), Vivian Schiller (Civil Foundation), Will Gore (NCTJ), Adam Cantwell-Corn (Bristol Cable), Anna-Sophie Harling (NewsGuard).

Ticket and speakers information: www.trustinjournalism.co.uk