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Six ways to survive PhD by publication

By Dr Alison Baverstock, Associate Professor of Publishing, Department of Journalism and Publishing, Kingston University and Dr Debora Wenger Dr Deb Wenger, Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Journalism, The University of Mississippi.

All routes are valid

A PhD is a PhD, and all validated routes are just that. While it’s disappointing how many organisational hierarchies have chosen to remain uninformed about the workings of disciplines other than their own, or the validated processes of their institutions, the agreed paperwork is there to fall back on. If it’s validated it should be available.

Ignore the doubters

Don’t be too literal in how you interpret negative feedback on the value of a PhD by Publication. While this may be couched in academic terms; the real objections may come from a more human place. Don’t let the negativity of others define your path.

Don’t underestimate your achievement

If you are asked, ‘How long does it take to do a PhD by Publication?’ remember to add however long it took to research, write and present the body of work on which it is based.

Check the details

As a supervisor for a PhD by Publication, talk through the arrangements for the examination with your Graduate School, particularly if they have not organised one before. Consider accessing some of the mechanisms for student support that may technically exist but are generally unaccessed. For example, the main supervisor is allowed to observe the viva; with prior agreement, a viva can be filmed.

Celebrate your success

Once awarded, celebrate the outcome. Cross-institutional or wider organisational support (e.g. AJE/AEJMC) can be uncomplicated.

Find time to reflect

We encourage our students to be reflective learners, do the same for yourself: https://kingstonpublishing.wordpress.com/2012/06/30/graduation-and-publishing-thirty-years-on/

Dr Alison Baverstock
Dr Alison Baverstock