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See all the slides from the 2016 AJE summer conference

Here you can find all the slides from presenters at the AJE summer conference.

The slides are arranged in the order speakers appeared.

Thursday June 23 14.15: Newsrooms and newsdays

Hilary Scott, University of Northampton: The efficacy of journalism work experience: are some newsrooms failing the next generation of journalists?

Vivienne Francis, London College of Arts: The Future for Journalism Educators and Trainers: What will both industry and academy expect from us?

Aleksander Kocic, Edinburgh Napier University: Hands-on or hands off: How useful is Newsday as a teaching tool?

Thursday June 23 16:15 : Does practice make perfect?

Ben Falkand and Priya Rajasekar, Coventry University: “We’re All Storytellers Now: Why the words ‘medium” and “pathway’ should be banned in journalism education”.

Myra Evans, University of the West of England: An investigation into practice-based learning on industry accredited journalism courses in the UK in providing students with real experience while maintaining a safe place to make mistakes.

Ato Erzan-Essien, Chester University: Back to reality: The practical approach to teaching regulation and ethics to first-year undergraduates.

Friday June 24 11:00: Accreditation

Katie Stewart, University of Sheffield: Accreditation: Is our identity under threat?

Yvonne Illsley, University of Sheffield: Training IS Education

Friday June 24 12:00 Keynote speaker: Mark Deuze, University of Amsterdam


Friday June 24 14:00: The value of education

Margaret Hughes,University of the West of Scotland: Journalism education: finding its space in the academy

Lily Canter, Sheffield Hallam University: Co-authoring a paper with your undergraduate student

Dr. Eamonn O’Neill, Edinburgh Napier University:’Do we still ‘follow the money’? Or Follow everything?’