Resources for Climate Change Integration in the Journalism Curriculum

This collection is intended for journalism educators who wish to integrate climate change into their curricula. The resources linked here were collected over a two-year period to support an undergraduate course on climate communication.

The goal of this project is to encourage more teaching about climate change in journalism education and to better equip educators with a variety of contemporary resources to integrate into their teaching. This collection of links includes journalistic reflections about climate change reporting, academic research on climate change communication and risk communication, and a variety of multimedia texts created by climate journalists.

This project was created as part of the WJEC Journalism education and climate change conference stream (WJEC 2022). It was facilitated by Professor Christopher Paterson, Dr. Nely Konstantinova, Cathleen LeGrand, and Jasmin Surm.

How to do climate communication

How to teach climate communication

Examples of climate communication

Collections of climate news

Scholarly research on climate or the media

International laws and treaties