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Jim Naughtie named as 2017 Hugh Cudlipp Lecturer

The 2017 Hugh Cudlipp Lecture will be given by James ‘Jim’ Naughtie, the BBC’s veteran radio and TV news presenter.

Entitled ‘A World Turned Upside Down’, the lecture, hosted by the London Press Club, will take place at The Museum of London on Wednesday, March 29, 2017.

Naughtie said: “The year of changes wasn’t only a challenge to an established political class, but to a culture.

“How should our trade – in print, on the air, on line – respond? Moments of excitement and drama are also challenges. For journalists, the implications of 2016 may be as profound as the technological revolution.”

“Who wouldn’t want to be a journalist today? But the old ways won’t do. Will our trade be able to change and still preserve the best of a culture that still makes us so proud?”

Established in 1999, the annual Cudlipp Lecture was created and named in memory of the late Lord Cudlipp, the former editorial director of the Daily Mirror and one of the great 20th century pioneers of popular tabloid journalism.

Sponsored by the Daily Mirror, the lecture gives a platform for a high-profile media professional to address key developments and issues in today’s news business. This year welcomes the continued partnership between the Hugh Cudlipp Trust and the London Press Club, the lecture’s original hosts from its inception seventeen years ago.

London Press Club chairman Doug Wills said: “We are thrilled and grateful that Jim Naughtie has agreed to give this year’s Cudlipp Lecture.

“Jim’s vast knowledge of journalism across all media ensures that his lecture will be a ‘must’. Every journalist will want to hear Jim’s lecture following his first-hand experience of how Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton handled the press and broadcasters.”

Previous lecturers included: Kevin Maguire, Emily Bell, David Walsh, Sir Harold Evans, Jon Snow, Lionel Barber, Alan Rusbridger, Rebekah Wade, Alastair Campbell, Paul Dacre, Andrew Marr, Lord Grade, Felicity Green, Piers Morgan, Geoffrey Goodman, Derek Jameson, Bob Edwards and Peter Carter Ruck.

To book a place at this year’s lecture, click here.