AJE Updates

AGEMI is helping promote gender equality in the media – find out more here

Advancing Gender Equality in Media Industries (AGEMI) is an innovative equality project, partly funded by the EU, which has both curated and created a set of knowledge resources to support the promotion of gender equality across the media.

It has brought together 100+ examples of good practices from women’s leadership programmes to guidelines on representation, to databases of women experts to media monitoring methodologies, all of which provide a range of models for other organisations to adapt to their own requirements.

It has also developed a series of thematic learning units on topics such as representation, advocacy, policy, violence and language which comprise mini-lectures, interviews with media and gender experts and activities to consolidate learning.  

You can also find the AGEMI app, available for both android and iPhone, which enables anyone to analyse a news article to determine its gender-sensitivity: a template provides some feedback text to send to the author. 

All the resources are free to access, stream and download, ready to be integrated into your own teaching and course materials. Check out the AGEMI website and find something new.