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Help us to improve this site – take a short survey

The website editor is planning a design overhaul of this site and the AJE’s social media communication. We are keen to hear the views of members and users of the site and are launching a quick survey. [Image credit: Flickr / spike55151]

Take the five minute survey now!

How could we improve it? What sections would you like to see added? Do you like your news via Twitter or perhaps you prefer Facebook? If you run your own blog, would you like the AJE to link to it?

The AJE committee has more than a few ideas about improvements which are mentioned in the survey, but we also want to ensure that all website users and AJE members have a chance to contribute their views.

Nobody likes taking surveys and we are afraid there are no prizes for filling in this one (sorry!). The only ‘reward’ will be lots of good AJE karma and the fact that you will have helped to improve the site.

This survey is confidential and will take less than five minutes to complete (we promise!). So a lot shorter than the NSS…

We hope you will consider taking the time to fill in the survey. Please do feel free to share this link with colleagues and friends. Many thanks.

Take the survey – http://bit.ly/1pdbAlo

If you would like to discuss your experience of using the website in more detail feel free to contact the website editor, Steve, at email: theajeuk@gmail.com