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Call for Chapters: Book about journalists’ beliefs and work

Professors Eric Freedman (Michigan State University), Robyn Goodman (Alfred University) and Elanie Steyn (University of Oklahoma) are developing a proposal for a research-grounded book about global perspectives on how professional journalists do their jobs and what they believe.

BBC NewsroomThey are looking for proposals for chapters of about 3,000 words based on your latest research and insights that fit such themes as:

  1. Journalists’ attitudes toward their jobs, including economics, professional standards, contribution to society.
  2. Impact of industry changes on professionals.
  3. Professional ethics.
  4. Gender and minority issues in the newsroom and in the profession.
  5. Impact on journalists of censorship, self-censorship and other constraints on press freedom.
  6. Training for professional journalists.
  7. Adaptation to rapidly changing technologies.
  8. Physical safety in conflict and war zones.
  9. Unionization and professional organizations.
  10. Coping with psychological pressures.
  11. Use of user-generated content.


They  are looking for a broad geographic range of chapters. Our primary focus is on journalists themselves, not their news organizations and not journalism students or faculty.

If you are interested in our reviewing a chapter proposal, please email us:

  • A working title of your chapter
  • An abstract of 100-200 words
  • The names and affiliations of the chapter authors
  • The CVs of the chapter authors
  • If your chapter would be based on a recently presented paper or published article, please attach a copy.

Deadline: March 15, 2016 Email submissions to all three editors:, and