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Book your place at our magazine journalism conference as part of the first Edinburgh International Magazine Festival

The magazine industry continues to be a dynamic sector that encapsulates some of the best journalism around, not only that it also employs many of our students every year.

The AJE is teaming up with the Edinburgh International Magazine Festival, organised by Professional Publishers Association to present a conference that will explore the contribution that the magazine sector makes, the challenges and opportunities inherent in it and the ways in which journalism educators can contribute to the sector.

You can reserve your place at the event here.

This event is open to AJE UK members and non-members at the following fee:

AJE UK Members – £30

NON-AJE UK Members – £80

(This is payable on attendance at the conference).

This event is part of the Edinburgh International Magazine Festival, for more information see edmagfest.co.uk

This conference will take as its theme:

Magazine Journalism in the 21st century – what contributions can the academy make?

We called for papers and presentations around the themes:

Designing sustainable curriculum in magazine journalism: what can we do now to ensure our students are prepared for the challenges and opportunities in the magazine sector? How does the curriculum position the role of magazine journalism today and in the future? How do we embed entrepreneurial skills?

Creating assessments that meet hopes and expectations of students and prepare them adequately for future work and lifelong learning; Preparing students for a changing world of work and a changing expectation of magazine consumers.

Research in magazine journalism education: methodological approaches to researching magazine journalism and journalism education; Pedagogical approaches in magazine journalism education.

Future opportunities and challenges for magazine journalism educators: How do journalism educators prepare for a changing world where knowledge and practice are key?

Magazine journalism education in a global context:What best practice is emerging for learning and teaching where cohorts of journalism students are made up of individuals from different countries, cultures and traditions? Preparing students to work across borders.

Papers from journalism educators from across the UK and Europe will be presented that cover a range of these areas and themes.