Here you can find all the slides from presenters at the AJE summer conference.

The slides are arranged in the order speakers appeared.

Thursday June 23 14.15: Newsrooms and newsdays

Hilary Scott, University of Northampton: The efficacy of journalism work experience: are some newsrooms failing the next generation of journalists?

Vivienne Francis, London College of Arts: The Future for Journalism Educators and Trainers: What will both industry and academy expect from us?

Aleksander Kocic, Edinburgh Napier University: Hands-on or hands off: How useful is Newsday as a teaching tool?

Thursday June 23 16:15 : Does practice make perfect?

Ben Falkand and Priya Rajasekar, Coventry University: “We’re All Storytellers Now: Why the words ‘medium” and “pathway’ should be banned in journalism education”.

Myra Evans, University of the West of England: An investigation into practice-based learning on industry accredited journalism courses in the UK in providing students with real experience while maintaining a safe place to make mistakes.

Ato Erzan-Essien, Chester University: Back to reality: The practical approach to teaching regulation and ethics to first-year undergraduates.

Friday June 24 11:00: Accreditation

Katie Stewart, University of Sheffield: Accreditation: Is our identity under threat?

Yvonne Illsley, University of Sheffield: Training IS Education

Friday June 24 12:00 Keynote speaker: Mark Deuze, University of Amsterdam


Friday June 24 14:00: The value of education

Margaret Hughes,University of the West of Scotland: Journalism education: finding its space in the academy

Lily Canter, Sheffield Hallam University: Co-authoring a paper with your undergraduate student

Dr. Eamonn O’Neill, Edinburgh Napier University:’Do we still ‘follow the money’? Or Follow everything?’